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Online tutorials, demonstrations, and technique highlight webinars


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With the ongoing distancing measures in place around the world, we're determined to keep as many avenues for discussion and collaboration as possible open.

As a result, over the coming weeks the Brainbox Initiative will endeavour to host a series of online webinars exploring a range of non-invasive brain stimulation tutorials, demonstrations, and technique highlights to ensure that you can continue to immerse yourself in your neuroscience research and training while you're away from the lab.

These interactive sessions will be brought to you completely free of charge, and we invite any and all interested parties to join us for these broadcasts. In order to help us put together a relevant and interesting programme of events, we are keen to learn more about the specific non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging techniques that you would like to see us cover in these sessions. Please feel free to comment below with any suggestions of the tutorials and demonstrations that you would like to see, and make sure to subscribe to the Brainbox mailing list to receive updates about the schedule of these webinars going forward.

Thank you.

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