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Harry Tran: Investigating tACS-induced neural entrainment in a computational model of morphologically realistic neurons


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Hi Harry,

Very interesting research. I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit on the five different cell types on which you simulated the TACS effects. I think your results are consistent with TACS studies in monkeys

Krause, Matthew R., Pedro G. Vieira, Bennett A. Csorba, Praveen K. Pilly, und Christopher C. Pack. „Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation Entrains Single-Neuron Activity in the Primate Brain“. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1. März 2019, 201815958. .

showing that TACS consistently influences the timing, but not the rate, of spiking activity

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Hi @Basil,


So each of the 5 cell type includes 5 various (but similar) neurons morphologies using multi-compartmental modeling (cable theory, Rall W. 1957). They are conductance-bases models implemented by the Blue Brain Project in the NEURON software. Each cell model includes dendritic ramifications (apical and basal dendrites) and axonal geometries.

The L1 NGC cells have a dense axonal arbor and L5 pyramidal cells have an early bifurcation apical tuft for example.